Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing, 10cm x 10cm, Pack of 10

Low adherent individually wrapped, sterile and absorbent wound dressing helps draw exudates away from the wound while a film surface helps prevent the pads from sticking to the wound surface and minimises trauma for casualty upon removal. The dressing is suitable for abrasions, superficial cuts, lightly exuding wounds and burn treatment. Use dressing retention sheets or microporous tape to hold dressing in place.

Stock Code: DRE8

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Quantity: In Stock
Container/Bag Type
Colour White
Alcohol Free
Sterile Yes
Form of Dressing Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing
Per Box
Per Case
Length 100mm
Width 100mm
Per Pack 10
Per Person
Eye Wash Station
HSE Approved
Miscellaneous Individually Wrapped

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