Kennels and Catteries

Dog kennels and catteries provide an incredible service for pet owners; when people go away, it can be a very worrying time for all concerned. Kennels and catteries offer an important sense of security; a place where pets are given love and care in their owner’s absence.

As a clean and sterile environment is paramount to both pet safety and employee wellbeing, hygiene products are essential. Moreover, with multiple animals in one space, it is important that disease and bacteria propagation is thwarted by frequent disinfecting.

We provide all the necessary cleaning essentials and safety equipment required to maintain the highest possible standards of care including latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves to reduce the likelihood of bacterial transmission, while protecting the user from any harmful cleaning chemicals.

Each Price: £20.64 inc VAT £17.20 ex VAT
Each Price: £16.20 inc VAT £13.50 ex VAT
Each Price: £15.54 inc VAT £12.95 ex VAT

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