Work Gloves

A critical form of personal protective equipment (PPE); industrial gloves play an essential role in worker safety and comfort. As a great preventative measure against cuts and punctures, they also provide impact resistance for heavy-duty tasks.

While standard industrial gloves are often made from leather or cotton materials, industrial PPE alternatives can be made from a variety of material blends that provide extra strength against abrasion and tearing, while remaining flexible enough to allow workers to move freely.

Our range includes: • PVC gloves • Nylon gloves • Nitrile gloves • Polyester/cotton gloves – can be coated in nitrile, polyurethane and latex • Latex gloves • Rigger gloves • Thermal gloves

High-performance industrial PPE offers up to level 5 cut resistance on specified gloves, allowing workers to complete their jobs safely and with greater confidence. With the right solution, workers can achieve maximum functionality, while staying safe no matter what they are tasked with.

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