Fishing Gloves & Boots

Being out at sea for extended periods of time and often working in rough conditions means that safety is paramount – wearing the appropriate fishing gloves can help to reduce common risks by:

  • Providing a layer of protection against cuts and scrapes when handling machinery and fishing equipment
  • Improved grip on slippery surfaces
  • Protecting against chemicals and helping prevent the spread of any harmful bacteria and pathogens
  • Providing protection from a cold and wet environment

When it comes to handling fish, many species have sharp scales, teeth or fins that can easily puncture skin; gloves can help protect you, whilst maintaining the natural oils and reducing any damage to the fish that might otherwise be caused by the oils on your hands.

Gloveman supplies a selection of industrial fishing gloves suitable for use across the entire industry. Available in a range of sizes, the correct size will ensure that the gloves retain their quality over long-term use, while maintaining optimum protection.

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