To protect residents, patients, staff and visitors; it's important to maintain a high standard of hygiene in care settings. Many people who live in these environments have compromised immune systems, which makes them more susceptible to common infections and viruses including common colds and flu.

By practicing good hygiene, care homes and care facilities can minimise the spread of dangerous infections between residents and staff. Proper hygiene involves frequent hand washing, strict regulations on the preparation of food, and thorough cleaning and sterilisation of bedding and equipment at temperatures high enough to kill off common bugs and germs.

At Gloveman Supplies, we stock a wide range of cleaning supplies and protective equipment for use in domiciliary care and care homes. We supply protective equipment, including gloves and aprons, to prevent cross-contamination between residents; and effective and safe cleaning supplies, including hand sanitiser and antibacterial surface cleaners.

Order PPE and cleaning supplies from us 24/7 and pay with a pre-approved 30-day account (subject to conditions) or pay at the time of ordering. We also offer free delivery to the UK mainland (zone 1) on all orders over £100.

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