Polythene Disposables

Polythene is an economical choice for a huge range of disposable accessories including polythene gloves, aprons, waste sacks and hats.

Polythene protective wear is excellent for food preparation, cleaning tasks and other settings where employees are working with non-hazardous substances. Durable and cost-effective, it offers an effective barrier that minimises the risk of cross-contamination and helps to maintain high levels of sanitation.

Most commonly used in food preparation, care homes, cleaning and hairdressing industries; as well as reducing the risk of contamination and minimising the spread of germs, polythene offers a basic barrier against moisture and gentle chemicals.

Polythene gloves are available in a range of sizes including arm gauntlet gloves that protect both the hands and the forearms - suitable for all staff members. Embossed polythene gloves are effective in situations where a little more grip is needed.


Each Price: £8.70 inc VAT £7.25 ex VAT
Each Price: £4.20 inc VAT £3.50 ex VAT

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