Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in commercial and professional kitchens is necessary to protect the health of visitors and staff and meet local and national health and safety guidelines. Essential kitchen cleaning supplies, including antibacterial surface cleaners, descalers, degreasers, mops, and sponges, make it easy to keep professional kitchens clean and fresh after a busy lunch or dinner shift.

Kitchen cleaning products are designed to remove bacteria and germs from food preparation surfaces and prevent the spread of foodborne diseases including salmonella and e.coli. Alongside regular surface cleaning and handwashing, it's imperative that kitchen staff keep kitchen appliances clean, store and label food safely, and practice food hygiene best practices while working on the kitchen floor.

At Gloveman Supplies, we stock a huge range of kitchen cleaning supplies including cleaning products, gloves, sponges, brushes, and mops to ensure that your cleaning staff have everything they need to keep your commercial kitchen fresh 24/7. Order kitchen cleaning supplies from us today. We offer free delivery to the UK mainland (zone 1) on all orders over £100.

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