Paper FAQs

What is the difference between centrefeed and normal paper rolls?
Centre feed means that the roll of paper will come from a dispenser or a central point of the roll itself instead of from the outside. Most types will have to have the cardboard core removed prior to use, which enables the roll to unravel freely from the centre. Normal rolls of paper dispense from the outer part of the roll e.g. toilet rolls, min jumbo rolls. Both types of centre feed and normal rolls can be perforated for easy detachment and dispensing.

Does the type of fold on a paper hand towel make any difference?
The type of fold makes a difference to the way it is taken or dispensed. Certain paper towel dispensers need certain type of fold on a paper towel. if a different fold of paper is used it could cause the dispenser to become blocked. You can get:

  • C-Fold
  • Interfold
  • Z-Fold (or Zig-Zag)
  • V-Fold

Is all paper recycled?
Some paper is recycled however you should always check the product to see if it is made from recycled materials or not. Some are 100% recycled while other paper products only contain a certain percentage of recycled material. Let's take Tissues - Tissues are made of very short fibres which are not high enough quality to be recycled. Therefore, tissues should be placed in your rubbish bin.

Can paper products cause allergic reactions?
As paper can be treated with chemicals for a desired type of effect, finish or fragrance, then, as with all chemicals, reactions can occur (although they are very rare). If you have any symptoms you should visit your doctor and discontinue use, seeking an alternative.

To ply and not to ply - what's the diffence and what does it mean?
Ply is simply how many sheets of paper are used to create a thickness. This depends on the task that is being performed but the more ply the thicker the paper is, meaning it will be stronger and more absorbent.

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