HK191 - Jeyes Sanilav Toilet Cleaner/Descaler (W1) 5 Litre

Jeyes Sanilav toilet cleaner and descaler has a Sulphamic acid formulation which cleans and removes limescale. Freshens and neutralises malodours which also kills harmful bacteria.

For use on toilets and urinals - Also suitable for general bathroom cleaning and descaling - DO NOT use on marble, terazzo or enamel surfaces - Safe to use on stainless steel and chrome plated surfaces.

To open, squeeze pads on cap and turn anticlockwise - To close, turn cap clockwise until click is heard Toilet BOwls - Flush toilet - Force excess water around s bend and toilet brush - Direct toilet cleaner around the bowl and up under the rim - Leave for 5 mins, brush stubborn stains before reflushing - Rinse brush after use Urinals - Apply evenly across surface of the urinal - Leave for 5 mins then brush - Leave to flush automatically.

Stock Code: HK191

Each Price: £11.82 inc VAT £9.85 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Type of Product Toilet Cleaner/Descaler
Non Acid No
Ph Levels 1.5
Colour Blue
Phosphate Free
Product Matter Liquid
Per Pack Individual
Per Case
Fragrance Scented. Floral
Volume 5L

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