HK508 - Channel Blocks, tub, Ocean Fresh

Sanilav Non PDCB cube fresh ocean scent. High perfume content to neutralise odours from urine and sweat. Lasts up to 4 weeks. Water soluble blocks that will not block outlets.

Direction Place 1 or 2 blocks into urinal channel as required ensuring the water outlet is not obstructed. • Blocks should be evenly spaced and only be replaced with new ones once the current blocks in the urinal have fully dissolved. • Before positioning blocks, ensure traps are securely positioned over drains to prevent blocks from falling down into pipework. • Re-seal container after use. • Use only as directed.

Stock Code: HK508

Each Price: £20.11 inc VAT £16.76 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Cerification REACH Compliant
Type of Product Urinal Channel Blocks
Non Acid
Ph Levels 7
Colour Blue
Phosphate Free
Product Matter Blocks
Weight 3kg
Per Pack Individual
Per Case
Fragrance Ocean Fresh

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Each Price: £20.11 inc VAT £16.76 ex VAT
Each Price: £15.00 inc VAT £12.50 ex VAT

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