HK198 - Blu Away Biological Washroom & Toilet Cleaner, 5L

Use Blu Away with Bio Blocks to maintain trouble-free odourless washrooms. Specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washrooms. Blu Away eradicates organic staining and odour problems from all washroom surfaces, including floors and walls contaminated with urine. Simply spray and wipe all ceramic surfaces to control scale and soiling. Dilute and swab floors to clean and remove uric scale build-up and urine soiling.

Stock Code: HK198

Each Price: £14.53 inc VAT £12.11 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Type of Product Washroom & Toilet Cleaner
Non Acid
Ph Levels 3.8-4.5
Colour Blue
Phosphate Free
Product Matter Liquid, Detergent
Per Pack Individual
Per Case
Fragrance Mint Like
Volume 5L

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