Bio Productions Bio Blocks, 1.1kg Tub

These urinal Toss Blocks contain special bacterial cultures which deodorise and clean. For use in urinal traps and pipes. Designed specifically to save water, we recommend a typical urinal system need only be flushed about three times per day when using these Bio Blocks. These Bio Blocks do not contain harmful or dangerous chemicals and are not carcinogenic PDCB. Suitable for use in public buildings, hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants and schools.

Stock Code: HK1213

Each Price: £15.00 inc VAT £12.50 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Type of Product Urinal Bio Blocks
Non Acid
Ph Levels 8
Colour Blue
Phosphate Free
Product Matter Blocks
Weight 1.1kg
Per Pack Individual Tub
Per Case
Fragrance Scented


Each Price: £20.11 inc VAT £16.76 ex VAT
Each Price: £20.11 inc VAT £16.76 ex VAT

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