HK1091/C2 - Gloveman Bri Bio Laundry Powder, 10kg Tub, Case of 2

Wash according to the instructions on the garment label. Articles which may run should be washed quickly and separately. For flame resistant finishes wash quickly. No soaking. Do not use on very delicate items such as silk or cashmere wool.

Hand Washing: 100G of powder per 10LT water allowing the powder to dissolve completely. Rinse thoroughly.

Machine Washing: Set wash temperature between 50oC-70oC. Per nominal 4-5KG load in medium water conditions use 100G (2/3 of a cup) for everyday soiling. For heavy soiling use more powder where required and for extremely heavily soiled clothing use a maximum of 400G per wash.

Pre-wash: Add an extra 100G.
Ingredients: Sodium carbonate 20-50%, Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate 5-15%, Amylase <1%, Sodium dodeccyl benzene sulphonate <1%, Parfum <1%


Hazard Statements & Handling Precautions:
DANGER. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes. This product should not be ingested and will cause internal damage if done so. Always wear appropriate protective clothing. Avoid breathing in powder dust and use only in a well ventilated area.

Supplied in an outer case containing 2 x 10kg with additional packaging.

Approximately 120 washes per 10kg tub.

Stock Code: HK1091/C2

Each Price: £37.20 inc VAT £31.00 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Bleach Free Yes
Colour White
Phosphate Free
Perfume Scented
Washes Approx 120
Weight 10kg
Ph 10-11
Type of Product Laundry Powder. Tub
Per Pack Individual
Per Case 2

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