HK32/C - Kettle & Shower Head Descaler (Jeyes) 12 x 500ml

Jeyes kettle and shower head descaler is a fast acting, non toxic formula which removes limescale, dirt & stains. Available 12 x 500ml.

For the descaling of metal and plastic appliances such as kettles, irons and shower heads . NOT suitable for use on enamel or marble surfaces.

Kettles - Fill kettle with warm water and add 125ml of Kettle & Shower Head Descaler - IMPORTANT: Do not switch on or heat the kettle - Wait until fizzing has stopped or at least 4 hours - If scale persists, repeat action. - Empty kettle, refill with clean water and boil - Empty and rinse thoroughly before use Shower Heads - Add 125ml of the bottle to 350ml of warm water in a bowl. - Immerse shower head into the solution until the scale has gone. - Rinse both shower head and bowl before re-use.

Stock Code: HK32/C

Each Price: £47.10 inc VAT £39.25 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Colour Colourless
Food Safe
Dosage 125ml
Bleach No - Non Toxic
Slip Resistant
Coverage Rate
Volume 500ml
PH 2
Odour Neutraliser
Product Matter Liquid
Phosphate Free
Perfume Unscented
Type of Product Descaler
Per Pack 12
Per Case
Per Box

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