HK1221 - Citra Clean Concentrate, All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, 5L

Can be used for all types of janitorial cleaning and most industrial applications. Undiluted the solution will remove chewing gum and tar from carpets, and grease, ink, adhesive and sealant from almost any surface. This cleaner is powerful enough to strip polish, wax and even some graffiti from hard surfaces and flooring, yet diluted it becomes the perfect carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Citra Clean Concentrate is great on walls, painted surfaces, concrete and terrazzo. The solution easily removes sticky finger marks and black shoe scuffs from surfaces.

Used with a micro-fibre cloth Citra Clean Concentrate can be diluted over 200:1 to safely clean hard surfaces such as vehicles, worktops, floors and display equipment.

For the kitchen Citra Clean Concentrate lifts grease and carbon from ovens, cleans griddles, BBQs and all types of ducting and extraction filter equipment.

In the industrial market this remarkable product removes greasy grime and oil from machinery, vehicles and work areas, as well as oil and diesel spillages from drives and floors.

It is low-foaming and easily rinsed, biodegradable, highly dilutable and un-classified under CHIP and current EEC regulations.

Citra Clean Concentrate is also ideal for industrial applications where quick separation of the cleaning solution from the soiling is important to minimise the risk of pollution.

Stock Code: HK1221

Each Price: £14.57 inc VAT £12.14 ex VAT

Quantity: In Stock
Concentrate Yes, Highly Dilutable
Colour Orange
Food Safe
Bleach No
Slip Resistant
Coverage Rate
Volume 5L
PH 8-9
Odour Neutraliser
Product Matter Liquid
Phosphate Free
Biodegradable Yes
Perfume Mild Orange
Type of Product All Purpose Cleaner
Per Pack Individual
Per Case
Per Box

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