PE & Poly Gloves FAQs

PE and Poly gloves - what are they made from?
PE and Poly gloves are made from either low or high density polythene materials. The material used in manufacture is extremely thin and non durable. These type of gloves offer no protection against bacteria or bodily fluids.

Can PE or Poly glove cause an allergic?
As with all chemicals allergic reactions may occur. If your skin results in red and itchy areas form use, please discard and seek an alternative glove type.

PE and Poly gloves - what are they used for?
PE and Poly gloves are suitable for light tasks and usually have a looser fit. Some are used in food preparation, but we suggest not using these unless certification and specifications state they are food safe. They cannot and must not be used for patient care as they do not conform to the correct EN Standard for such and offer the wearer no protection against infection and bacteria. they can be used for

  • Food hygiene (where certification allows).
  • Light DIY jobs such as painting and decorating.
  • Other menial tasks that do not involve contamination of bodily fluids, bacteria or high chemical usage

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