Gloveman Supplies Ltd - For all your care essentials and more...


Gloveman Supplies Ltd (GSL) are manufacturers and suppliers of medical examination latex gloves and nitrile gloves, and suppliers of vinyl gloves, synthetic gloves, vynite gloves and care supplies in the UK. Direct from our own plantations and factories in Sri Lanka, ensuring the best quality and continuity possible.


GSL provide domiciliary care agencies with all the necessary infection control, protection and cleaning products to ensure patient care and your safety as a nurse or carer. From disposable aprons, polythene, waste sacks, laundry sacks, incinerator bags, to first-aid, wipes, towelling and house-keeping products our products are used by carers, vets, tattooists, cleaners, dentists, hairdressers plus other contact professions.


If you used to shop on line and you are wondering where the e-commerce bit has gone - don't panic. We have moved our e-commerce website to a new address where even more products are available for you to choose from. Simply visit here to find out more...