Shampoo Shower Cap

The Shampoo Cap provides a Rinse Free Hair washing solution contained within the Shampoo Cap. This is an easy alternative to washing hair when traditional methods are not possible. 24 per case Ready to use Single use and disposable Shampoo and condition hair with no water, no mess, no rinsing May be warmed in a microwave to provide a warm comfortable patient shampooing experience Leaves hair fresh and clean Latex free and alcohol free Use whenever traditional shampooing is inconvenient or unavailable Easier on the care giver Reduces labor, laundry & linen costs Can be used on coloured and permed hair Shampoo Cap removes, dirt, odours, grease, hair products and even blood. To use: Place Shampoo Cap on to the scalp tucking in all strands of hair, massage until hair feels saturated, remove and towel dry. Once dried style as normal.

Stock Code: HND94

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