Selden Budget Traffic Film Remover, F071, 25 Litre

A Non caustic Traffic Film Remover Concentrated formulation - economical.
Applicationbr> For use with all makes of pressure washer. Economical - predilute before use. For use in hard and soft water areas. Fast action formula for rapid cleaning.

Budget T.F.R. would normally be diluted with water before use:Vehicle bodywork: 1 part Budget T.F.R. - 4 parts water. Chassis cleaning: 1 part Budget T.F.R. - 1 part water. Adjust the detergent feed rate as required, but always try and ensure that this is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining the desired cleaning action. Lightly pre-spray the whole vehicle before removing soil and traffic film using even sweeps of the lance at high pressure and at temperatures up to 70°C. Turn off the detergent feed and thoroughly rinse the vehicle.
Product must always be tested on alkali sensitive surfaces before use. Never use this product in direct sunlight or allow the product to dry out on the surface or staining may result.

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