Fairy Clean & Fresh Washing Up Liquid 433ml per case of 10

Pomegranate & Honeysuckle fragrance

Irresistible Freshness, incredible price. Efficient cleaning, cleans greasy leftover food completely. Ultra Long Lasting Suds from every drop. Rich formula for sparkling clean dishes, powerful grease cutting, fantastic fruity and floral scent. Fairy Clean & Fresh washing up liquid is so concentrated that you only need to use a drop. Fairy Clean & Fresh washing up liquid gives you sparkling clean dishes and its revolutionary formula infuses your kitchen with light, clean, fresh scents from around your sink. Also try Fairy Platinum All in One Dishwasher Tablets for sparkling dishes and a sparkling dishwasher.

Stock Code: HK1081/C

Price: £16.20 inc VAT £13.50 ex VAT

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