Our Team

mike2 mike1

Mike - Director/CEO

matt2 matt1

Matthew - Senior Manager Operations

kay2 kay1

Kayleigh - Manager Redruth Sales Office

annabel2 annabel1

Annabel - Manager Key Accounts

caroline2 caroline1

Caroline - Manager Accounts/Credit Control

steve2 steve1

Steve - Manager I.T. and Web Operations

polly2 polly1

Polly - Manager Logistics/Purchasing Support

paul2 Paul

Paul - Senior Manager Suffolk Warehouse

neil2 neil1

Neil - Manager Redruth Warehouse

emily2 emily1

Emily - Customer Support Team Leader

karen2 karen1

Karen - Key Accounts Customer Support

andrew2 andrew1

Andrew - Customer Support

rob2 rob1

Rob - Customer Support

davey2 davey1

Dave - Customer Support

claire2 claire1

Claire - Customer Support

rich2 rich1

Richard - Customer Support

fran2 fran1

Fran - Customer Support

jodie2 jodie1

Jodie - Customer Support

sandra2 sandra1

Sandra - Customer Support

jen2 jen1

Jen - Customer Support


Ellie - Customer Support

jackie2 jackie1

Jackie - Accounts

steven2 steven1

Steven - Accounts


Anne - Accounts

mark2 mark1

Mark - I.T. and Web Operative

siobhan2 siobhan1

Siobhan - Stock Control Administrator

mario2 mario1

Mario - WSB Tackle General Manager

nikki2 nikki1

Nikki - WSB Tackle Administrator

Joe2 Joe

Joe - WSB Tackle Sales

luke2 luke1

Luke - WSB Warehouse Operative

dan2 dan1

Daniel - Logistic Operations

bryn2 bryn1

Bryn - Redruth Warehouse Supervisor

michael2 michael1

Michael - Warehouse Operative

ryan2 ryan1

Ryan - Warehouse Operative

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